About Us


Our founding team of Pasargad Productions have decades of combined business experience, and are collectively or as individuals, responsible for building one of the largest healthcare and financial transaction platforms, popular hospitality and event businesses, music and video production companies and charitable organizations.

In October 2010, Pasargad Productions announced a new contract with legendary Persian pop singer, Ahmadreza Nabizadeh throughout the next decade for to become the founding recording artist for the Persian music division. 

Since then, Pasargad Productions has represented him in Mehregan Festivals in 2010 and 2011 and produced his latest Album “Saa’ateh Pandge” or “Five O’Clock” with him directly in charge of the music and video production as the executive producer for this popular album. 

He collaborated with different lyricists, musicians and composers led by Persian Pop Music Legend Andranik “Ando” who has composed and arranged majority of the songs for this masterpiece.