Roma Kanyan - Musical Director

Roma Kanyan was born on June 21st, 1975 in Armenia.

At an early age, Roma enrolled in a local music school feeling his undeniable gravitation towards anything musical. In no time Roma became the most distinguished pianist of his age group, competing and performing all over Armenia.

In the United States he continued his studies at the Colburn School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, with such professors as Luise Lepley and Daniel Pollak of the University of Southern California. After graduation, Roma further enhanced his mastery of the classical piano by studying at Mc Gill University with Gregory Chaverdian in Montreal, Canada.

In the late nineteen nineties the classical American Jazz music had a profound impact on Roma’s imagination. The interest in composing music, combined with fresh experimental ideas, led Roma to the creation of the musical group “Nartex”.The band consisted of Armenian musicians living in Los Angeles. The result was the recording, “Spirit World”, released in 2000. The original compositions along with the unique fusion of Armenian folk elements, presented a fresh color in experimental instrumental music.

In the early millennium, Roma’s work also extended to the Armenian and Persian Pop Music circles. His contributions as an arranger, producer and musical director led him to perform in many different venues around the world including The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, The Gipson Amphitheatre in Universal City , Klubben in Stockholm,  Royal Albert Hall , Théâtre du Châtelet .

Today, Roma Kanyan is continuing to pursue excellence not only in music, but in the state of the human condition in the world. Remembering the importance of the will of the human spirit, he believes that everyone in the world should be heard at least once.


Dennis Moody - Sound Engineer

Dennis Moody

Having participated on thousands of recording projects, Grammy nominated and platinum award winning engineer and producer Dennis Moody has demonstrated his ability to make great records. His work has involved projects with the world's top charting artists. His production skills have helped launch the careers of many, producing hundreds of albums and songs for new as well as established artists. As an audio engineer, Moody has become the "drummers engineer". Currently drummers Dave Weckl, Michael White, and Ricky Lawson are regular clients of his. In addition, he has worked with most of the industries top session drummers.

As a live concert engineer, he has mixed from Carnegie Hall to Madison Square Garden, from The Roxy in Hollywood to The L.A. Forum, all the L.A. Clubs and, most of the major concert venues throughout the United States and Europe, for shows having up to 250,000 in attendance. The House of Blues at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA employed Moody's FOH talents during their first year. He has also mixed thousands of shows of Broadway style musicals, large and small orchestral shows, plays, shows, and live broadcasts worldwide.

Moody has written two books as well as authored a smartphone app. The "Drum Recording Handbook" published by Hal Leonard, and "The Studio Builder's Handbook" published by Alfred Publishing have been well received. His "SoundTips" smartphone app is currently available on iPhone and iPad, as well as the Android operating system.

Albert Wing - Saxophone

Albert Wing started out at the age of 9 on clarinet, then switched to saxophone at age 13. Albert attended Cerritos Junior College in Norwalk, then went to Salt Lake City where he met the Fowler brothers and their father Bill, who according to Albert, "helped me out and got me some scholarships to go to school".

Albert almost joined The Mothers in 1973, but was pre-empted when Napoleon (Napi) Murphy Brock arrived late. Wing: "I'd known Frank for quite a long time through Bruce and Tom. Originally I'd auditioned for Frank's group back in '73. I auditioned on the (Bebop) "Tango"...for him, and nailed that. And he said, "Wow, pretty impressive." And actually he said that I had the gig." A half an hour later, Albert was informed that Napi had the gig.

Albert Wing provided tenor sax for “Broadway The Hard Way”, “The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life”, Make A Jazz Noise Here”, You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4”, “You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6” and “Trance-Fusion”.

Richie Gajate-Garcia - Percussion

Richie Gajate-Garcia has conducted more than 450 music related clinics and remains one of the most in-demand educators and clinicians. His superb technique is demonstrated on his DVDs, “Adventures in Rhythm” Volumes 1 and 2, produced by Latin Percussion.

Garcia has recorded and/or performed with Christopher Cross, Sting and Phil Collins, as well as worked on film scores "Maid in Manhattan" starring Jennifer Lopez, "I-Spy" featuring Eddie Murphy and "The Mummy Returns". He has toured with Diana Ross, Don Henley, Patti LaBelle, and Hiroshima. "I constantly look for new sounds," he says, "and I'm not completely partial to any one instrument, which I feel adds color and appeal to my playing".

Richie knows that percussion was a natural career choice for him. "I'm Puerto Rican, and percussion instruments are found all throughout our culture." Richie made the decision to play music full time while attending college at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Richie's main influences were his father (a percussionist with The Xavier Cugat Orchestra), Armando Peraza, Monchito Munoz (timbalero with Tito Rodriguez), Changuito, Candido Camero and Giovanni Hidalgo.

Richie collaborated with LP to create the popular Gajate Bracket.

Dave Haddad -Drums

Dave is a veteran drummer with extensive experience in live performance and session work. He is an impressive force on stage and has proven his durability and skill with many world tours. His exploration into ethnic and multi-cultural music has made him a diverse and enriched drummer. Dave brings reliability, musicality, incredible energy and most important, great time and groove to every performance. 

Dave has played with such noted artists as Richie Gajate Garcia, Bruce Conti, Bobby Womack, Jimmy Z, Charlie Bisharat, Dean Parks, Vince Neil, Alex Wurman, Tyler Bates and Ronnie Montrose. He has opened for Herbie Hancock, Robben Ford, Dave Mason, Pete Escovido and the Duke Ellington Orchestra. 

Television appearances include MTV, VH1, E! TV, The Playboy Channel.

Hova Burian - Bass Guitar

Hova was born in 1979 in Gyumri, Armenia where he attended music school in 1985 at the age of 6. For better opportunities in life, Hova and his family moved to the states in 1991. Perusing his career as a musician, Hova started playing gigs when he was 14 year old, and by age 17 he was performing at concerts. 

Hova was playing electric and acoustic guitars till he met Armen Tiran in 1998 who was a composer and a bass player. Tiran asked Hova " Have you tried playing bass?" He knew that Hova had more potential playing the bass rather than acoustic or electric guitar because of the hand and finger techniques used to play the guitar.

According to Armen Tiran, Hova also loved playing the bass line, the melody and the chords to entire songs with the guitar. From there, Hova became a passionate bass player and continues his journey of being a musician of perfection.  Hova is a composer, arranger, a song writer and a poet classically trained by Hmayak Beazyan.